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Why I Am Starting a Blog

Hello blogging world.

I know what you’re thinking…Another food/lifestyle blog? Does anybody even read those anymore? Doesn’t everyone get all their recipes on Facebook?

[yes, another food blog 😉 ]
[no, I don’t think I will get many readers.. shout out to those who will, love you!]
[yes, I think Facebook is the go-to now. I mean I even love those quick recipe videos.]

However, I have a passion for food and decided what the hell, let’s me put my thoughts out there too. Living in NEPA (northeastern Pennsylvania), there are not a lot of cooking resources.   Everyone I know, knows I love to cook, so I constantly get asked by family, friends, coworkers what I cooked recently and how I did it. So friends, family, NEPA peeps— this is for you!  This is what I make for my boyfriend Mike and I,  and this is how I do it!

So welcome to my little corner of the web, where I plan to share recipes from my kitchen, possibly some home tips (new homeowners over here!), definitely some puppy pictures, and some insight into life in NEPA.




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