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Short-cut Margaritas

short-cut margs are any easy, quick way to satisfy that margarita craving!

I’m just going to jump to the chase here: I love margaritas.  I’ve discovered in recent years they really are one of my favorite *cocktail* type of drink so I need to stop kidding myself.  Not vodka tonic, not jack and coke, if it’s liquor based all I want is a Margarita.  Wine on the other hand is a different story.  Give me all the wine.


Now when it comes to margaritas, I’m not so great at making authentic ones.  Who has time when a margarita craving hits to juice a lime, make simple syrup, etc. etc? NOT ME.  So I usually cut corners and used pre-made mix. HELLO TOO SWEET.  I ended up doctoring them up so much I should’ve just done from scratch.  Until now. This is my absolute GO TO for at home margaritas. Even Mike approves, and he is a margarita critic (read: hates when they are too sweet).


Here’s the *recipe*: Mix equal parts tequila and Simply Limeade. 



No Joke. You get a not too sweet, still tequila-y (sp?) margarita.  PERFECT.
Note: this is more of a guideline than actual recipe. We prefer strong margaritas and love the taste of tequila, so that’s why we use that ratio.  Mix it up and find yours! You can also add water too if you find it to be too strong or too sweet.  It’s all up to you!





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