Meet Macie


Meet Miss Macie!  She is our 6 month old rescue!  We’ve had her for a little over 4 months and could not be more in love.  We are still learning this whole ‘dog’ thing as neither of us grew up with dogs, but we are loving every second.   Stay tuned for plenty of Macie posts! Sorry, not sorry 😉


This is the first picture we saw of her on Facebook, and she completely stole our hearts.  📷: ruff dog rescue northeast

If you are looking for a dog, I 100% recommend rescuing.  There are so many rescue dogs out there in need of a good home. We went through Ruff Dog Rescue Northeast and could not be happier.   They are a great rescue and made the process so smooth. And now we couldn’t imagine life without our little nugget ❤️



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